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Meet the crew

Your mother did it, maybe your grandmother or big brother. Your babysitter or your favourite teacher. Telling a story. Now you have grown up and maybe you want to tell those stories yourself. But not just any story. Your own. In all shapes and colours. You want the attention, the nail-biting, the sweating and the 'what comes next'. In the real world, it can sometimes be harder to get that message across. Wood elves, vampires or witches are not always the villains here, your shortage of time and busy schedule is. Luckily, there’s us! The grannies, teachers, babysitters and big brothers of storytelling. The Content Crew.

We tell your story, your way.

Toni De Coninck

  • Editor-in-chief of
  • Crewleader of the content crew
  • Journalist

Crewleader, story seeker. Journalist and editor-in-ch(i)ef of this story, of the ones in his books on the shelf, of the ones travelling through landscapes and food scrapes... Soon to be of yours?

Jasmina Dekrem

  • Project Manager
  • Content Creator june.

Our Krem de la Krem. Her deep-rooted passion as chef and culinary copywriter gives your gastro story the finesse it deserves. Our inhouse swiss knife, with spatula, pen and a compass for your story.

Anou Bruyneel

  • Creative Manager
  • Content Creator june.

Our culinary creative seeking added value, verbally, in visuals and vision. Passed through stages in music and tv, finding no spectacle so worthy of a stage as the one involving a glass and a plate.

the crew of the crew

For every story we gather a seamless crew-fit. Beauty seekers, through lenses and keyboards.

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