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Your mother did it, maybe your grandmother or big brother. Your babysitter or your favourite teacher. Telling a story. Now you have grown up and maybe you want to tell those stories yourself. But not just any story. Your own. In all shapes and colours. You want the attention, the nail-biting, the sweating and the 'what comes next'. In the real world, it can sometimes be harder to get that message across. Wood elves, vampires or witches are not always the villains here, your shortage of time and busy schedule is. Luckily, there’s us! The grannies, teachers, babysitters and big brothers of storytelling. The Content Crew.

We tell your story, your way.

Toni De Coninck

  • Editor-in-chief of
  • Journalist
  • Copywriter

Flat white believer (also: will retire on a flat white beach) - Nickname is Negroni Toni, nòt Toni Chocoloni

Eline Vancraeyveldt

  • Digital Storyteller

Sporadic runner and full-time hedonist. Does not like sweaty crowded trams, but loves sweaty crowded dance floors.

Rani Guinée

  • Editor of
  • Digital Storyteller

Strongly convinced wordplay should be an Olympic discipline. - All about the 3 C’s: cats, chai lattes, Cedric. Yes, in that order.

Lore Waelkens

  • Digital Storyteller

I’m an XL, because food is life. I’m always broke, because I love vintage and design. And my patience is being tested every day, because I’m a dog mom of an English Bulldog.

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