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Hertog Jan Restaurant Group

Digital storytelling

From star-awarded gastronomy to digital storytelling

The closure of the renowned three-star restaurant Hertog Jan in Zedelgem immediately opened the door for other challenges, at least when it’s up to chef Gert de Mangeleer and maître-sommelier Joachim Boudens. A chapter in a new story, which we were invited to help write.

The Content Crew works with various marketing, PR and design teams to translate the compelling story of inspirators Gert de Mangeleer and Joachim Boudens into a digital, yet tangible narrative. An assignment requiring close and direct communication: Hertog Jan Restaurant Group now has several restaurants, of which we take on three accounts entirely. Two of them are Bar Bulot Brugge and Bar Bulot Antwerpen. French class combined with Belgian classics. A rewarding story with plenty of opportunities. The teams at Bar Bulot have their hands full operationally and with The Content Crew we take the communicative pressure off. Which does not at all imply that this has become a one-way-story, on the contrary. The Content Crew is in direct contact with chefs Pieter & Koen and maîtres Maxime & Elske to ensure authenticity and originality. With them, by them.


We also tell the worldly story of L.E.S.S. Eatery, where you can not only share posts but also trendy dishes. Finally, at the end of September we started managing the account of Hertog Jan at Botanic Antwerp, the newest restaurant of Hertog Jan Restaurant Group in the heart of Antwerp. The tone of voice? Top gastronomy, topped off with a fine touch of mystery & class. 

We always start with a general planning. In other words: what needs to be told when and how. This plan is drawn up in consultation with the marketing team on a monthly or bi-monthly basis. Our planning must always be up-to-date and flexibility within this plan is an ultimate requirement. We do not have a 9-to-5 mentality. For various events and activities, we also provide the fieldwork, so that live videos or messages can be posted.

A good story is told by more than one. So we also contact business partners and influencers. Our freelancers also need to match with a particular assignment or client as well as possible. A search that we are only too happy to undertake.

Once the script is approved, we put the plan into practice. Facebook, Instagram, newsletters... no channel is safe. The continuous communication offers the followers of the Hertog Jan Restaurant Group transparency and involvement. After all, telling a story only works when the audience is committed to listen. And the fact that they are listening, we can also translate into figures. Social Media Manager Eline always provides a statistical overview which makes it clear to the client what the 'return' of the story is.

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