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A classic story never gets old

Brasserie Latem is an establishment that rings a bell for many. This restaurant is an established name in the Flemish restaurant industry and has, for the past few years, consistently put itself on the map as a brasserie for foodies, wine lovers and gourmands. We consider it a great honor to work with The Content Crew to tell the story of Brasserie Latem even louder.

In the absence of a restaurant’s own professional material, we always opt for a direct collaboration with our client, in order to create an image stock within the agreed budget. At Brasserie Latem we also immediately scheduled a few shooting days on which both general and more specific shoots took place. We then use these images to create content for all the restaurant's communication channels. For lifestyle and hospitality brands, it's important that photo material is up-to-date and of a certain quality: telling a visual story is extremely important in an era where visual visibility equals building a customer network. And as a plus, the client itself is able to compose an image library to which they have access at any time.

As with other clients, we implement the visual material obtained into a customized content plan. For example, our team takes care of the social copy, videos, stories, and posts on both Facebook and Instagram, among other things. We also agree with the client on when to use paid online campaigns and ads.

Direct communication with the team at Brasserie Latem ensures that we can tell an authentic story. The Content Crew always works behind the scenes: with our skills and experience we translate the story of our partner to the (online) outside world.

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