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Digital degustation

Matthys wines, founded in 1993 by Frank Matthys, has been a well-known name in the wine world for years. Up until today, Frank is one of the pioneers in the field of international wines. This results in a collection of 34 different wine countries, full of sustainable wines. Each and every one of them are balanced, unmanipulated wines with personality. Since 2020 Matthys Wines is also the first in Belgium to work completely CO2 neutral. The wine business seeks to counter the ecological footprint of the business, among other things, by supporting a reforestation project in Bolivia.


The Content Crew handles the copywriting, social media planning and content creation for this lovely business. Every wine has a story, just like every person and every link in the winemaking process makes Matthys Wines' digital storytelling a highly engaging case. One might even say, wine-derful!

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