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From dreamy images to dream trip

Atelier Africa Safaris is the Belgian reference for high-end and tailor-made safaris in the enchanting country of Africa. Therefore, The Content Crew is all too happy to translate this magic, as well as the contagious enthusiasm and passion of founders Timo and Michèle into a digital story that will be told for a long time to come.

Since Timo and Michèle have lived in Namibia for years and still regularly visit Africa, they are both a barrel full of stories and beautiful images. Our task is to bring order to this beautiful chaos by having a face-to-face conversation with them every month during which we determine a 'destination of the month' together.

In the development of the content plan, we always ensure that the socials show a nice mix of nature, lodges, wildlife, faces, and personal stories, so that all the assets of each country are covered, and followers continue to be surprised. Photo and video material complement each other, as do the additional interactive stories that we regularly create to enhance the posts. Because a substantial part of Atelier Africa Safaris' audience is international, we write all social copy in English.


For Atelier Africa Safaris, The Content Crew not only takes care of the Instagram and Facebook page, but also the monthly newsletter, which largely complements the social media content and focus of each month. Based on our conversations with Timo and Michèle, we provide the necessary copy for this, we collect and create accompanying visual material and pour it all into a beautiful puzzle in Mailchimp, so that all they have to do is click 'send'.

The story of Atelier Africa Safaris is not only told digitally, however, but also on paper. For their inspiring AFRIKA-magazine we translated the atmosphere and the experience of the fascinating travel stories that are shared in it from Dutch to English as well.

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